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June 11, 2019

Brandon and I both work from home so it is really hard to set a schedule and take a day off. At one point Brandon worked 63 days straight with no days off. It’s part of the growing pains you go through starting up your business but honestly, we all know how the famous quote goes… “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ― Mark Twain and we are blessed to have found our dream job. Still, we are a family and it’s so important to take time off and enjoy our beautiful life no matter how busy we are. We were lucky enough to take a Saturday off due to our daughter’s cheer competition this spring so we stopped by for a quick visit to see the beautiful Dow Gardens in Midland MI!




Y’all It’s a must see! I could have gotten lost in there forever. The grounds sprawl over 110 acres and are covered in beautiful flowers, trees, sculptures, ponds, even the most dreamy old home the was the home of  Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow.  It’s perfect for family exploring, picnics, even bring a blanket and book and just relaxing. The moment I walked in I felt this calming feeling take over me. Someone who sufferers from severe anxiety that was a feeling that was much needed. Just walking around the garden seeing the wildlife, smelling the flowers getting lost in the beauty I couldn’t help but smile.



We spent just over 2 hours and still didn’t see everything! We plan to go back in a few more weeks to see the rest and see what else is in bloom! The kids loved the canopy walk they had high up in the pines! It was such a great experience for so much needed family time!





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