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How We Started & F.A.Q

June 25, 2019

How it all started

In November 2017 Brandon was on a legnthy layoff form his job. Christmas was coming and all I wanted for Christmas was a farmhouse table. I had asked him several times to build me a table but with his work schedule prior to layoff was crazy and there just wasn’t any time. So that November he finally gave in. Unsure of how the final product would turn out and never building a piece of furniture like that he dove in. Spoiler alert it turned out amazing and he absolutely loved building it.


After he finished the table I immediately started showing off his work. I don’t think either of us planned on the overwhelming amount of inquiries asking for Brandon to build a peice for them. Because christmas was coming, and he was laid off he took the opportunity to make some extra cash from christmas! After a few months we had over 20 orders on our list Brandon was working full time and ideas for new products different styles in development. We were wanting to run our business full time but of course we were scared. We new that was our end goal but we were bound and determined to make the smallest of baby steps to get there. A year after we began we opened up our online store shipping tables all over the country! Then January of 2019 we were met with another layoff. Scared to death to do this full time it was the push from God we needed to do it.


We get many questions around what the process is like to order a custom built piece of furniture and why we do things a certain way. A lot of work goes into each build and we would love you to know more about them!


What is the process of ordering a custom piece?

When you have decided you are ready to order you can contact us via our website, email, etsy, facebook or IG. We will get you a quote for your build and shipping if you require it. We will provide you with a detailed invoice with our terms and our estimated turnaround time. We require you to pay 50% down to be placed on our list. ( shipping charges will be due at time of shipment) You can pay your invoice securely online. We use a popular software called square to collect payment. You will be placed on our list after we receive your down payment. Note that we have up to 30 orders at a time so it takes time to get to your build. We work through our list and once we get to your build we will send images of the build as we build it. Once we have you build completed we will send images for you to approve. At that time we will send you your final invoice. After payed we will schedule your pick up time or shipment ( shipping info below). The turnaround time is just an estimate. We do our best to get your build done as fast as we can!


Why the long turnaround time?

This is something we are working hard to eliminate.  Our turnaround time is long because Brandon hand builds every single piece. I occasionally help him with the stain and finish and with orders when I get a chance (I have my own job too). Mostly it is just him. He does all the quotes, ordering of lumber, building, custom designs, painting, staining, sealing, problem solving etc. Sometimes the builds get slowed down because we are waiting for lumber or we have another build take long than we anticipated. Brandon typically works 7 days a week when he can so rest assure if your build is taking longer than originally anticipated we are doing everything we can to get it done! In the near future we hope to be able to hire another full time person to cut down our production time. Until then we appreciate your patience.


Do you have a storefront?

We do not have our very own store front as of yet. We currently  have a booth at The Iron Gate Emporium in Birch Run MI where we have a handful of our smaller builds as well as candles, vintage finds, painted furniture and more. We would love for you to stop by and visit! We hope in the near future to open up our own woodshop and storefront!


Why does pine ding, crack, and warp sometimes and how can I eliminate this from happening?

Pine is a soft wood that appears rustic handmade and hand-finished and can show dings a lot easier.. The natural variations and imperfections in the wood are to be expected and adds to the rustic style of our furniture. Each table is an original and no two are exactly alike.

By pines natural characteristic, wood planks may be somewhat uneven and may develop small cracks and cup or bow over time due to changes in the home environment, including temperature or humidity. That doesn’t bother our customers because they are seeking furniture that is rustic original and tells a story.

To help eliminate it we suggest choosing a hardwood for your build. Maple, oak, and hickory are popular choices!


Why does it cost more than some big box stores?

A lot of work goes into each build. You are not paying for a factory made item that is boxed on a shelf made from mdf. You are paying for a person to hand craft every piece of your build. To design it, to pick out the perfect piece of lumber, to build it, to stain or paint it, to seal it, to even pray over it because we do. We appreciate your support and willingness to purchase from a small company like us. To have your piece tell a story. To be apart of our story. We are so thankful for each person who purchases from us.


How does shipping work?

This part can take some time to schedule! We use private shippers for our shipments and deliveries. When we receive your order we place it on a network for drivers to view your shipment and bid on the load. Once we get bids we try to match the driver with the best reviews and cost for our customers. We try to be as accurate as possible when we quote for shipping but drivers make their own prices so we can only estimate the cost. It does take time to secure a driver and we ask for you patience as we do so. We are at their mercy and response time. Once the driver is secured and you are happy with the price, the driver will arrange pick up and delivery. We will need your contact info because the driver will contact you to set up a good time to drop off the load. When the driver arrives he will hand you your paperwork and ask you to look over the shipment before accepting the load.

Do you deliver locally?

Occasionally we do if we have time. Feel free to ask!


Return and Refund Policy?

Because each table is custom built we do not allow returns or exchanges on any of our custom furniture. It is essential that the client review the order invoice upon receipt for the accuracy of project specifications, turnaround time, and all other info provided. If there are any changes in the dimensions, finish or specifications listed on the invoice, the client must notify the seller of such changes prior to payment of down payment. As items are made to order, they cannot be changed, returned or canceled once in production.

Accepting shipment or pickup: Once your shipment arrives or you pick your item up, please look over the  info in your paperwork as well as looking over the table. Once you accept the load and build you acknowledged that the build is correct and damage free.


I think that pretty much covers our most popular questions. If you have any other questions please feel free to let us know! Thanks for your support!



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