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Summer Fireplace Mantel

June 24, 2019

I have been struggling in this large space lately, It seemed too cluttered and unorganized. There was to much going on and I wanted to bring a fresh look to the space. I struggle mainly because this area of our home is large I felt I needed to fill it up so it wouldn’t be empty or unfinished looking but then again I don’t like clutter. I couldn’t seem to get things right. So I did what everyone does take everything down at 10pm on a saturday!

Summer Fireplace Mantel

I went to work taking all the decor down, moving all the furniture out, and starting with a blank slate. The first area I wanted to focus on was the fireplace. It is the biggest feature of the room and most eye catching. I wanted it to pop. I placed all of my favorite terra cotta planters on there with some of the faux lemons and greenery I picked up from hobby lobby! I took the big tobacco basket the was hanging over the chair and placed it above the mantle.


Finding Balance

After I finished with the mantel I tried to balance out the fireplace by adding something of the same size on each side. I choose some old windows because I love to decorate with them. I still think I’ll keep looking for something else but for now I am lovingĀ  the balance it brings to the room.



At first it seemed empty but when I stepped back to take in the whole room I realized less is more. It helps to bring peace to the area and a fresh look. It seemed more cozy and less chaotic! It took me a few trial and errors to get it to a happy place. Sometimes the best thing to do is start with a blank slate and if you need help don’t be afraid to ask!

Of course here is the before shot incase you missed it!


And after!




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