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The Witches Farmhouse | Halloween Mantel

October 22, 2019

Filed in: Halloween

I’m a pretty basic witch when it comes to fall.

Expect my love for hazelnut and pecan way overpowers Pumpkin Spice.

We always decorate for fall, go to the pumpkin patch, pick apples … all the fall things. I break out the hunters and take pictures with the family, you know all the fall things us girls love. One thing we never have done is decorate the house for Halloween. We do fall but nothing spooky. This year the kids begged me and I gave in. But if I’m going to decorate for Halloween you bet it’s gonna be my way!!

We decided on the theme Witches Farmhouse! The kids got involved by giving me one standard no little kid decorations! No problem!

Most everything we had with the exception of the skulls, which I picked up at the dollar store and painted them gray making them look a little bit old or maybe like they were dug up out of the ground last night?

I found these really cool spooky photos on Google just by searching creepy old photos and printed them off at home.

A quick peek at our next look!

The Sanderson bed-and-breakfast sign is something I made! I got the SVG file right off of Etsy and painted it. For the flowers and the sticks all I did was take a walk outside found some dead sticks found some dead flowers tossed them in the vase and jugs! Piece of cake!

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