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We love belly laughs, genuine love, the small of fresh cut wood, and the kind of home that makes you feel all the feelings. If you're into HGTV, DIY adventures, all things vintage, and you'd like to make two new friends in the process, keep scrolling, We can't wait to meet you. 

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So I know back to school shopping is in full swing and as a mom, I like to pick up a few things for my fall wardrobe. Which really on consist of all things cozy and AE and Arie is one of my favorites for finding cozy faves! Fave AE & Aerie Fall Finds I […]

This summer our daughter asked for a bedroom makeover for her birthday just like Bradley did! They are obviously my children! Morghan gave me full design control to do whatever I wanted to her room, which was honestly a bit difficult. The only direction she told me to go in was she wanted a queen […]

How it all started In November 2017 Brandon was on a legnthy layoff form his job. Christmas was coming and all I wanted for Christmas was a farmhouse table. I had asked him several times to build me a table but with his work schedule prior to layoff was crazy and there just wasn’t any […]

I have been struggling in this large space lately, It seemed too cluttered and unorganized. There was to much going on and I wanted to bring a fresh look to the space. I struggle mainly because this area of our home is large I felt I needed to fill it up so it wouldn’t be […]

  Lemon Bundt Cake It won’t stop raining in the mitten state. Which is very close to what I said over the winter only then it wouldn’t stop snowing. I don’t get it! With the gloomy weather constantly hanging around it has put me in such a slump. I suffer for an anxiety disorder and […]

  This entryway refresh was kind of a spur of the moment. I mean I had it on my list of things I wanted to do but it wasn’t until our trip to The Found Cottage when I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I saw this insect print and was immediately inspired. I […]

  If you are at all like me you are a last minute kind of person.  I always mean well. I try to plan and be organized but I always drop the ball and I have come to own it. If you find yourself in the same predicament this fathers day I am here to […]

Brandon and I both work from home so it is really hard to set a schedule and take a day off. At one point Brandon worked 63 days straight with no days off. It’s part of the growing pains you go through starting up your business but honestly, we all know how the famous quote […]

We have spent years decorating our home but our master bedroom never made the cut. I always focused on the main rooms of our home that I had never focused much time on our own room. I made it a goal to start working on our room this past Spring and I am happy to […]

Over the weekend we took an overnight trip to Grand Rapids, MI and I knew I had to make the trip to Hudsonville just down the road where the amazing Liz Marie Galvan’s store The found cottage is located! If you guys haven’t been it is 100% worth the trip! Michigan has so much to […]

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